Wyclef Jean Calls Young Thug Modern Tupac

The song, "Wyclef" is the first one on Jeffrey. What an honor that must have been to Wyclef. It is an extremely fun song and Hot New Hip Hop calls it, "an outstanding foray into the zany mind of Jeffrey." But don't take their word for it, listen to the track here. 18 The song that Wyclef is actually a featured artist is called, "Pop Man" or "Kanye West" according to Thug's Instagram track list. The Fugee's member was really inspired by the collaboration inside the studio. It shows in the song, who honors Yeezy and the Pop Man, Elton John. 17 21 In case you were wondering that is Young Thug in a dress. Jean makes a good point about comparing Young Thug to David Bowie, he was quoted on the interview saying:
"Come on man, in what era can a rapper show up in a full-blown gown, a dress?" Jean continues praising the 25-year-old. "And have it still be like, 'Yo, that’s still Young Thug, what you wanna do about it?' This is changing perceptions."
19 Obviously the album is honoring Thug's idols. Wyclef was honored to be named one and featured on the track. You can hear his islandic influence in the very beginning. Listen to it here. Definitely something worth the hype. 20

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