World’s First Talking Sex Doll Has Customizable Personality And The Ability To Remember

Sex dolls are the latest, hottest thing when it comes to erotic toys. They are popular because they obviously require no real commitment from the person spending time with the doll and it's a way for people to "cheat" without actually cheating, if that makes any sense at all.
Meet Harmony...the world's first talking sex doll. This doll is unique for many reasons. For one, she can talk. The second reason? Well, they say she can actually hold a conversation with you and even fall in love. Don't take our word for it...
This erotic doll is named Harmony 2.0 and she loves to talk about how she finds sex to be fascinating. Another unique thing about the doll? You can customize her chat with 18 different personality traits. These traits range from shy, to intellectual, to sexual, to thrill-seeking, giving you the ability to create the "lover of your dreams."