22 Year Old Woman That Was Born Without A Vagina Starts GoFundMe Campaign To Get A Life Changing Surgery

Being born with a disability is a disadvantage to this life, yes, and it is a struggle I wouldn’t wish on anyone, also yes, but! It should never stop anyone from leading a life as normal as possible. The impossible sometimes is possible and with new technology being built everyday, if you live long enough you might just find a solution.
Courier Mail
I can’t imagine what it’s like to be born with two or something, or one of something, but this girl’s story hit me right in the c*nt. Mostly because, she was born without one.
I had a heartbreaking reaction, I mean, I really feel for this girl. Being born without the greatest thing in God’s green Earth. Not to mention the clit! Ugh! The things she has been missing, will it all change with this promising surgery? I sure hope so…