Watching This Creepy Clown Get The Snot Beat Out Of Him Is The Most Satisfying Thing You’ll Do All Day

If you're going to dress up as a killer clown and wander around the neighborhood, it may be in your best interest to pack some hotter heat than a kid's baseball bat.

At first you could've gotten away with it -- when news stories about people spotting deranged clowns first started popping up, there was a sense of novelty that came with it and so everyone was like "Eh, kind of scary but okay." But now that copycats have started popping up, the average Joe ain't okay with this shit. Isolated incidents? Whatever. But people across the globe dressing up just to fuck with their neighbors? giphy-6's funny to read about, but if you ever drove past a clown carrying a knife on the side of the road, chances are you'd turn around and run that jackass over; better safe than sorry is always my motto.

Which brings us to our latest clown sighting...