These Pictures Of A Sexy, Grown-Up Topanga Prove We’ll Always Have A Crush

If you grew up in the 90s, "Boy Meets World" is one of those shows that defined your childhood. It was an incredibly relatable show that followed a group of teens balancing school, life, and love, and had an incredible cast. That cast included the incomparable Danielle Fishel, who you probably know better as Topanga.
If you were a fan of "Boy Meets World," there's a good chance Topanga was one of your first childhood crushes. Why wouldn't she be? She was absolutely gorgeous in the show's later years and was one of those actresses that lit up the screen every time she appeared on camera.
It might have been a couple of decades since "Boy Meets World" was on air, but Topanga hasn't gone anywhere. She most recently appeared on "Girl Meets World"— the reboot of the original show— and as you'll soon see, she's only gotten more attractive as she's gotten older. If you think she looks hot in this picture, just wait until you see what else we have in store.
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