Teenager Eternally Embarrassed When Her Mom Found Her Sex Toy In The Dishwasher

Embarrassing things happen to all of us as children. We are not alone in this awful phase of life… A lot of them happen during high school, some of us peak early, and sadly our parents take part or are to blame for some of the most embarrassing moments in our lives.
Rebel Circus
Like when my mom first found my stash of pot, you know that’s totally the same as finding naughty magazine’s under your bed, or at least it was for me. Equally as detrimental and she burned my stuff too!
Instinct Magazine
However, I don’t think any compares to peaking early in other areas of our lives… Like when you’re old enough to buy a sex toy, yet you’re still living at home with your ma and pa. These stories will either educate you or scare you out of ever owning a dildo until you’re fully independent.