10 Teachers Who Got Arrested This Year For Hooking Up With Their Students

1. Yokasta M

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This Colombian high school teacher hooked up with a lot of her students, but not in the fun consensual way. She forced them to have sex with her and threatened to fail them if they didn't.  She would the phone numbers of the male students under the pretext of helping them with their studies and then send the boys hundreds of scantily-clad pics of herself in lingerie. Later on, she would invite them over to her place and order them them to have sex with her. She got exposed by one of the victim’s fathers, who saw one of her sexts on his phone.

2. Hunter Day

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She was a high school chemistry teacher in Oklahoma, who was charged for hooking up with one of her male students, as well as exchanging nude photos with him. The parents of the boy complained after they suspected that the teacher was having an illicit sexual relationship with their son. She was busted through a sting operation carried about by Canadian County Sheriff’s deputies.