Confessions Of ‘Sexual Favors’ Students Have Given Teachers For Better Grades

Oh, let me count the ways...

I had a student miss his mid-term exam because, and I quote "I got fired from my band and I was too bummed out to come to school." I had another adult student (35) who pitched a fit during a meeting of students and teachers to figure out times for private lessons because he claimed we were disorganized. I got him calmed down enough to resume the scheduling, and then he went off again, ending with "If this had been the Marines someone would have been shot by now!" Then there was the student who thought he was too cool for school and used to wear mirrored sunglasses all the time, as in in class, etc. One Monday he didn't show up to class, and it turned out that over the weekend he'd been at a party where there was alcohol and it got raided by the cops. Since he was underage he tried to run for it, but since he was wearing his shades and it was at night he ran face first into a fence instead.
Middlesex School District

In the first semester...

I ever taught freshman composition, I had a student who: came to my office hours drunk, submitted a formal essay with a cover page that had his name and the course information written on it in different magic markers, and submitted another formal essay printed on five pages of fanfold, tractor-feed printer paper with the tractor guides still attached, the pages not separated from each other, and with a staple in the upper left corner. Think about that for a moment. You can guess his grade.
Education Writers Association