10+ Sex Tips Straight From The Pros: Adult Film Stars

We are all familiar with the saying, "straight from the horses mouth," which essentially in kinder words just means, "straight from the source." Meaning, the experts spoke these true verses and therefore we can trust in these proverbs. In this case, the horses are adult film stars, and we are taking from their experiences as such. But this isn't a step by step guide on how to have better sex, oh no no. This is, so much more.

Death and Taxes Magazine

If there are any experts that will let you in on the secrets of the adult film world + sex education, it's safe to say these ladies know their stuff. And because it is not a class we can take in college, we are lucky they are giving it away for free. BuzzFeed Health decided to step away from their usual content and spoke to XXX rated stars Moriah Mills, Donnie Rock, Jason Luv, and Tori Black. Here's what they had to say.