You Won’t Believe What This Judge Ruled For The Punishment Of That Texas Teacher Who Manipulated A 13 Yr. Old Student To Impregnate Her

Taking advantage of a child in any manner is a low life class action taken by an adult who clearly developed on the wrong side of humanity. A lot of us are victims of love deprived households and yes this can amount to a number of psychological problems as adults. However, to take advantage of a child’s innocence in any manner of the imagination is just outright hypocritical and sociopathic.
We were all children once, and as adults, we know that when a child is taken advantage of it can cause lifelong mental and emotional issues. I mean it’s like completely ignoring anything that may have caused us the same problems in our own early years. For example, the story of this Texas teacher…
Houston Chronicle
Alexandria Vera claims she came from a household where she had to grow up quick and lacked love from her family. So why in the world would she think it okay to corrupt a 13 year old boy into having sex with her, and in the end causing him to lose his family? This story raises this, and many other questions. But one thing is for sure, she is a sicko. A real sicko.