This Poor Girl Was Left Traumatized After She Sent Nudes To Her Dad Instead Of Her Boyfriend

There’s nothing quite as close as embarrassing as sending the wrong text to someone, it’s similar to the kind of shame when you say hi back to someone that clearly was not saying hi to you. I do both all the time. So trust me I know what I am talking about.
With today’s culture in social media it’s possible to send the wrong anything to a lot of people- the wrong snap, the wrong DM, the wrong inbox to be sliding into. Hell, I have even asked the wrong person for nudes, that was embarrassing.
Crooks and Liars
Not quite as embarrassing as sending the wrong person the right nudes. Now that is undiscovered territory for me and I hope I never get familiar with it. This poor girl, she had the misfortune of sending her privates to her dad and I bet their relationship is totally ruined.