Obese Guy Who Was Dumped For Being Overweight Transforms His Body In Less Than A Year, And He Is So Ripped Now

Sometimes, being dumped can be the best motivation to turn your life around for the better. Some people change their mindset, some go out and chase that dream job they've always wanted, some travel the world...and some hit the gym. Like this guy...
His name is Miro Judt and his girlfriend of six years broke things off with him because he was overweight. He says he thinks she never had faith in him and never believed he could lose the weight. Well, he proved her wrong, that's for sure. He went from being obese to being completely ripped.
The most amazing part? He managed to do this in less than one year. Now that his life has been transformed he says he hopes that his ex realizes all she is missing out on. Because of his addiction to fast food, chips, carbonated drinks, and chocolate, Miro weighed a whopping 294 pounds! His transformation is truly mind-blowing...