Meet 2017’s Sexiest Miss BumBum Contestants Of Brazil

Each year, the United States turns its eyes to the Miss America pageant to watch contestants showcase their talents, strut around in swimsuits, and show off their best formal wear. While "well-rounded" might not be the best term to describe those who compete, you have to have multiple skill sets if you want to be a true contender.
Ent Scopp
Since 2011, a similar pageant has been held in Brazil with its own focus on well-roundedness- although the organizers of this one take the term a bit more literally. As you can probably guess from the name, Miss Bumbum Brazil is an annual contest to crown the best butt in the country. It's really quite the event.
The annual contest has attracted the attention of the entire country- over 17 million people cast a vote in the contest in 2016. As these pictures will show, there's a reason people get so excited. These Brazilian women really aren't messing around. Keep clicking to see the best of the best.