Lesbians Are Willing To Teach You How To Eat A Girl Out, So Are You Willing To Listen?

Sex therapists tell their clients to explore their own bodies. Find the spots that make them tingle with excitement. After all, how do you expect your lover to know what turns you on when you don't. This may explain why lesbians claim to be the best lovers, it takes a woman to know woman's body.
Livin' on a Prayer Tour!
If anyone could probably give you some great cunnilingus tips, it's lesbians on spring break at the annual Dinah Shore Weekend (aka the original "lesbian spring break") in Palm Springs, California, to draw their game plan for what they do the first time they sleep with a woman and the results were basically amazing.
Livin' on a Prayer Tour!
Besides, who understands a woman better than a lesbian? We lesbians might as well have honorary doctorates in the art of le girl.