Meet The 25-Year-Old From London Who’s Been Having The Best Sex Of Her Life… With A Ghost

Paranormal activity… Is it real? Is it fake? Do people create these images and instances where they meet paranormal beings, from their own imagination? What about those shows with cameras? Are they being edited? Is it all for show?
The fact is we have a lot of questions about what may or may not be real when it comes to ghosts. There’s little science to prove that the paranormal world exists, even less scientific proof that anyone from that universal panel can be pure evil.
Movie Pilot
We associate ghosts and ghouls with words like “scary” and categorize them in fears. But what if ghosts weren’t all evil? What if they were friendlier? I don’t mean like Casper, I mean like… Patrick Swayze in Ghost. What if ghosts could actually sexually please us? One woman from North London claims she has had the best sex ever...with a ghost.