Adult Film Star Keisha Grey Reveals The Dirty Secrets Of The Industry In Reddit AMA

The internet has made it easier than ever to become a porn star, but it's also harder than ever before to set yourself apart. In a world where anyone can upload a video of them having sex to the internet in a matter of minutes, you have to work hard to make a name for yourself.
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One person who has managed to do that is Keisha Grey, who first started doing adult films back in 2013. Since then, she has starred in hundreds of films and won several awards in the process, and has managed to set herself apart from the more generic women that populate the porn sites most people visit.
Keisha recently sat down to answer some questions from fans about what it's like to be a porn star. While some of her answers are exactly what you'd expect, some of her stories and experiences might surprise you. For example, you'll never guess how many people she'd had sex with before she started doing porn...
Keisha Grey