Japanese Magician Revolutionized The Tablecloth Trick And People On Twitter Can’t Stop Asking, How Does He Do It?!

Ah, magicians… So misunderstood, so underrated, and yet still so very relevant. The career of a magician is one of old, it has been around our society’s history for years. They have been captivating audiences long before you or I were ever in diapers. It used to be a respected craft and in some ways it still is.
Magic is a worldwide language, you can amaze and captivate anyone without saying a word. Just perform the trick correctly, say your few magic words and voila. Of course, magic takes talent and you should practice as often as possible. Given the fact that most tricks involve a certain sleight of hand talent, you’re going to want to perfect that.
One Japanese comedian turned magician has been taking the Internet by storm with his bizarre stunts. The latest one to go viral on the Twitterverse involves his naked body, a fan, a cup of tea, and a tablecloth. But really I can’t describe it, you’ll just have to watch the video and decide for yourself. Is it magic?