Drake’s New Whiskey Is Breaking Sales Records And You Need To Get Your Hands On Some

In the Canadian province of Ontario the whiskey had a surprisingly good launch sale numbers. 3g The LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) is the master corporation in charge of the retailing of the whiskey in the rapper's home province. They claim,
"We would certainly characterize it as the best launch day for a single spirits product that LCBO has had in recent memory.”
Actually, it had a better launch than Ciroc. 4g But you have to wonder, does Drake know whiskey? Is it any good? Who's helping Drake fulfill his dreams if not my girl Rihanna? 6g 26 That's Brent Hocking, who also created DeLeon tequila. He is very very high profiled in the business of spirits. On an interview with Tanya Rivero he explains just how Virginia Black came to be.
We met about 5 years ago and started drinking together.
Classic Drizzy. 7g Hocking goes on to say that he knew that a lot of celebrities were more "sponsoring" vs. partnering with a spirit. That is not what Drake and him wanted, through the whole process Drake was involved in a major way with every detail. Rivero asks Hocking, the first question to pop in my head, why the whiskey is an American decadent when he is Canadian? 8g Well worry not Tanya, the blend of smooth bourbon that is Virginia Black, is just the first of many decadents that Drake and Brent have planned. There will be a Canadian one in the future. 5g Virginia Black sold in one day what it took Ciroc to sell in one week. Set to launch on September 30th, Virginia Black sold 1,779 bottles at $39.95 (around USD$30) on the first day of sales. A total 4,650 bottles have been sold since. It was released throughout each city that Drake toured this summer and it is available in restaurants through out the US. So life is looking up for Drizzy! Even though I am totally crossing my fingers that him and Rihanna will reunite. At least for a track!

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