Man Sentenced To Five Years In Prison After Taping His Dog’s Mouth Shut

Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason. They're fiercely loyal and will love you unconditionally, and anyone who has one- or who has simply interacted with one- knows how easy it is for a dog to make your day. They really make you wonder how anyone could be a cat person in the first place.
Dog Time
That's why it's so shocking to hear stories about people who abuse dogs. Given how loving and innocent they are, it's hard to imagine that anyone would willingly put a dog in harm's way. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases of people doing exactly that.
There was a particularly shocking case of animal abuse in Charlestown, South Carolina. A dog was brought to an animal shelter after someone found it abandoned with its mouth taped shut. You should be warned that the following pictures are pretty disturbing, especially if you're a dog lover.