This Guy Gave His Girlfriend Vibrating Panties And Tried To Get Her To Climax At Walmart

Taking a trip to Walmart can be super boring, we all know that. Well, this couple knows how to liven things up in the most unique way. Remember the vibrating panties prank where Ryan Hamilton got his girlfriend to try on vibrating panties and then turned them on while she was in the car with his mother? Yeah, he’s back.
This time, his girlfriend is aware of the panties being on and they are shopping in Walmart to spice things up a bit. They walk around the supermarket in the video and Jen, his girlfriend, tries her hardest to control herself as he turns on the panties…
It’s pretty clear she is having some issues doing that, too. Hamilton’s goal through the whole thing? To make Jen climax in public. Her goal? To keep herself from doing that and embarrassing herself!